Denise Shaw

Owner / Instructor
E-RYT 200 hour
Certifications: American Power Yoga, Dallas, TX; 
Yoga Warriors International Authorized Instructor, Certified Born to Fly Aerial Yoga Instructor
I’ve always been an active person – dancing, cheerleading, choreographing and teaching liturgical dance, and earning a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (Dragon Kim’s, Edmond, OK). I came to yoga because of a neck injury. At the time, I didn’t know what a blessing that detour would be.
Yoga changed my life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I began practicing consistently in 2009. I received my 200-hour Power Yoga certification in 2013, studying with Kurt Johnsen (American Power Yoga, Dallas, TX) and Jayme Bushmiaer-Davis (now with Karmany Yoga, Dallas, TX). I became a Yoga Warriors International authorized instructor in 2014, and am honored to assist veterans, first responders, and others living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through this proven, life-changing approach to handling stress. Aerial Yoga is my newest yoga crush – so much fun and so strengthening!
I love building connections with students and seeing them become happier, healthier, more loving, and relaxed. My prayer is for YPY students to experience the joyful, lasting transformation yoga brings. Come as you are – large, small, happy, not so happy; leave better. It really can be just that simple.

Kate Darafeyeva

Certifications: E-RYT 500 hour, Tej Monga, Dallas, TX; Aerozen, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Yoga found me at a challenging time in my life – my husband and I were new parents who had moved to a foreign country with no friends or relatives. I was fortunate to live close to the YMCA where I took my first yoga class, and I was hooked. The practice not only helped me to keep my sanity, but it also made me physically and mentally stronger, introduced me to interesting people, and taught me to appreciate little things in life. I realized that yoga really worked for me, and I wanted to share it with others. I studied with Valerie Kit Love, Ph. T, E-RYT 500, and in 2005 became a registered yoga teacher. After numerous workshops and hundreds of hours teaching adults and children, I still enjoy the practice and learning something new every time I get on my mat. Today it helps me to stay grounded and manage my hectic life.

Teaching Yoga for Kids classes are especially fun because children are natural learners, and they make you see the world from a different point of view – one that’s fresh and free of expectations. Kids live in the moment. Isn’t that the essence of yoga?

Yoga is an art. Each pose is created by a practitioner every time. Just like Russian stacking dolls, it has many layers. Everyone can do yoga. It makes you face your ego, let go of expectations, and discover that you can do amazing things. Share your journey with mine. Namaste.

Casi Summers

Manager / Instructor
: E-RYT 200 hour, Yoga Life, Norman, OK

I have enjoyed teaching this wonderful thing called “Yoga” since 2014 and absolutely love sharing all that I have learned along the way! I did; however, come into yoga nervous and graceless, with mean thoughts towards downward facing dog. I now continue with gratitude for the entire practice. Yoga provided me a sense of freedom from the arthritis I had grown up with. Throughout my practice I have fallen in love with the strength I’ve gained – and continue to strive for, both physically and mentally – always surprising myself along the way.

I received my 200-hour certification as a means to deepen my own understanding of yoga. After teaching my first class I knew I had found my passion! While finding ways to deepen my yoga practice I found Pilates and became certified as a mat Pilates teacher through Balanced Body. My goal is for yoga to aid in our everyday “human moments,” whether that be breathing through anxiety, waking up without an achy back, or simply living more active and healthy lifestyles. I firmly believe every class should include awareness of our amazing bodies, along with ear-to-ear smiles.

Stacey Young

Certification: RYT 200 hour, YogaFaith

My yoga journey began in 2010. I had been an athlete all through school and had continued to run and work out as an adult, but I wasn’t enjoying either of those things. I heard about, and tried out a yoga class near my home, and was amazed at how challenging it was on so many levels, and at the same time how peaceful it was. At first I was just determined to master the asanas, but as I practiced more and more, my focus began to shift.

I became conscious of the deep connection between the mind and the body. I began to be purposeful about listening to my body and my thoughts as I moved through each practice, and discovered that yoga was healing on every level – mind, body, and spirit. I wanted to share that with others, so I received my RYT-200 hour certification through YogaFaith in Tacoma, Washington. I have enjoyed every moment of teaching this wonderful and ancient practice, and I pray that every student who comes to class will be strengthened and refreshed in body, mind, and spirit.

Jennie Pletsch

Certifications: RYT 200 hour, Nature Yoga, Costa Rica; Aerozen, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have been practicing yoga for 11 years and certified to teach for four years. I have a genetic joint disease that informs and powers my teaching style. I currently teach multiple levels and styles such as Iyengar, ropes yoga, aerial yoga, chair yoga, meditation, Hatha, slow flow, yin, hot vinyasa, and yoga for athletes.

My focus, no matter the style, is movement containing appropriate anatomical alignment with the individual student in mind and with special attention to mindfulness in modifications for body limitations and trauma informed yoga therapy for anxiety, ptsd and depression. I strive to remind my students of the fact that each of our skeletal structures, as well as our mental and emotional histories, vary from others and the way each of us moves through our yoga practice should vary to accommodate maximum longevity and health to our being! Your yoga practice is YOURS! I am here to help guide you.

Chris Fletcher

Certification: RYT 200 hour, Soul Yoga, Oklahoma City, OK

My yoga journey began during a dark time in my life. I was suffering from sadness due to immeasurable loss, battling self doubt, and dealing with nagging and debilitating nerve issues related to two bulging discs in my lumbar spine. After I committed to regularly going to multiple classes per week, I started seeing that my body, mind, and soul were being reshaped. Yoga became the light in my time of darkness. The increase in core strength and realignment of my spine gave tremendous relief to my nerve issues. My increased self-confidence and belief in myself were creating several new opportunities. The new perspective I gained on life and the universe helped me understand my place in it. The great people that yoga surrounds you with created a sense of family. Yoga has literally changed my life and quality of life. I live my practice to the fullest extent on and off my mat. Due to the limitations from my disc issues, yoga has become my only safe outlet for fun or challenging physical activity, so I never miss an opportunity for a challenging arm balance or inversion!

With a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, almost a decade of experience teaching in the classroom, and coaching a variety of sports, as well as a strong passion for the yoga practice, becoming a yoga teacher seemed natural and inevitable.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to be an ambassador for the power and beauty of this practice! I would like to show that this practice is designed and beneficial for all people. It is my desire for all of my students to develop a healthy state of mind, a great sense of confidence, and a physical body that is stronger and has a greater range of motion. Ultimately, I want to provide an environment to let yoga heal you and to help “light up the darkness.”

Lauree Dash

Certifications: RYT 200 hour, Soul Yoga, Oklahoma City, OK and 400 hour Meditation Teacher, The Den

I am a proud to be a certified meditation teacher (with a specialty in Yoga Nidra, both the Satyananda Saraswati format [90 HR] and the Integrative Amrit Method of practice [100 HR]) and a yoga instructor.

I began my career as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer in NYC. I transformed my love of health and fitness into a 20-year career as a Producer in Broadcast Television and Digital. After five years at “Access Hollywood,” two nominations and a Daytime Emmy win for launching “The Doctors,” years in Development at ABC where she helped launch Tyra Banks’s FABlife and was acknowledged with a Webby Honor for the digital series “She Talks,” and then, Executive Producing AwesomenessTV’s digital studio for moms, “Awestruck,” I decided a massive life-change was necessary.

But there is more to this story… In 2011, my husband of 20 years, Indie actor and filmmaker, Oklahoma City native, Ford Austin, was in a catastrophic car accident in Los Angeles. “We are talking died three times, had an NDE, and was given a 1% chance to recover kind of accident.” After many surgeries on both coasts and through amazing medical care and the grace of God, Ford made a miraculous recovery. After three years of managing and advocating for my husband’s care, going back to the producing life of stressed out, sleepless, 4am-panicked wake-ups, perfectionist behavior, and a constant searching for external validation just didn’t feel right anymore. I wanted this next chapter of life to be about healing and giving back–not only healing myself from the life-and-death trauma I experienced, but also holding space and helping others on their healing journeys.

I quit my job and enrolled in an extensive meditation teacher training program with an emphasis on Tantric and Mindfulness Techniques at The Den Meditation Studio in Los Angeles taught by Hilary Jackendoff, (, Chandresh Bhardwaj (, and Heather Prete ( My teacher Hilary, introduced me to the ancient healing meditation practice of Yoga Nidra. I felt immediately called to learn and teach this powerful practice. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it in the Oklahoma City Metro at select yoga studios and at Chesapeake Energy Corporation and in the healthcare setting with community classes at Integris Cancer Hospital. I maintain a private clientele and am committed to continued growth and service.

Erin King

Certification: RYT 200 hour, Uprooted Replanted Wellness, Dallas, TX

As a classically trained ballet and modern dancer, movement has always been a creative and physical comfort to me. I danced at the University of Central Oklahoma and, a few years after graduation, I had the opportunity to pour my love and passion for the art into students at my home studio in North Texas. As a busy mother of three, I gradually fell into the all-too-common rut of pouring from an empty cup. I had taken some yoga classes sporadically over the years, and a little bit was woven into my journey through modern dance, but I had never made it a consistent part of my daily life. A few years ago, while working with my functional medicine practitioner, I realized just how vital is the practice of self-care.

I began to take yoga classes consistently, making time to be still and nourish my mind, body, and spirit. In a matter of months, I started to see major improvements in my physical symptoms, and an overflow of peace into all areas of my life. I hid the dream of sharing this gift with others in my heart for a while and chalked it up to “life goals.” My dream became a reality, and I received my 200-hour certification through Uprooted Replanted Wellness in North Richland Hills, TX. My prayer for every practice is that each student would find moments of deep soul rest– that they would feel grounded in the truth of God’s love, empowering them to pour from a full cup.

Kathy Ross

Owner, Yoga Forte, Dallas

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Instructor at You Power Yoga

I teach yoga because I want to make everyday a source of healing. It is my love and my passion. Mind, body, and spirit come together for me in the energies of movement and the calm of breath of yoga. I began teaching yoga in 2003 after practicing for several years.
In all my teaching, I focus on deep tissue release, joint mobility, and strength. Yoga can help anyone heal the aches of their body and spirit. It can also help athletes of all ages improve their performance and avoid or help heal injuries. I am particularly aware of these healing qualities of yoga because of my experience and education as a Registered Nurse.
Bringing the joy of yoga to others is my way of sharing the tremendous gifts of health and healing that yoga has given me. The techniques I have learned while practicing on the mat sustain me throughout my everyday life off the mat. I am grateful that I can share this sustaining spirit and physical discipline with our yoga community through teaching classes and training yoga teachers!
I completed my 200-hour RYT certification from Purple Lotus and 500-hour RYT certification from Live Love Teach. In addition, I have trained with Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, Rodney Yee, Ray Long, M.D., Shakta Kur Kalsa, and many others. I have a Radiant Child certification, level 2.
In addition to yoga trainings and certifications, I am a Registered Nurse, Mayo Clinic-certified health coach, and have received my mindfulness training certification.

Robbin Hallford

Owner, Bridge Yoga, Ft. Worth, TX

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Instructor at You Power Yoga

In 2007, I attended a yoga class under duress. I had tried yoga once before, and it wasn’t a good experience. But this class was nothing like what I remembered and after the first. That night, I slept through the night for the first time in over 20 years! I did not miss a single class and continued to see changes that amazed me on every level. In all my years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I had never experienced anything like this.The practice of yoga changed me. It was the vehicle that brought greater awareness, allowing for conscious choices instead of reaction. It was healing my physical body, as well as my mind and spirit. But the most amazing thing is that it still does. My yoga journey has helped me through career changes, the loss of beloved family, a hysterectomy, spinal fusion, and raising three teen sons.

What I enjoy most about teaching is seeing people begin to discover their strength and resilience, and, as a result they are more willing to explore new things. I love to help others find their unique way of not just practicing yoga, but also teaching it. My background in kiniesology and education allows me to help people learn experientially and through inquiry. They are then well-equipped to apply the concepts in their own teaching.

I have been blessed to learn from many different teachers and styles either through workshops or formal teacher trainings. I received my 200-hour and 500-hour certifications through Texas School of Power Yoga and Live Love Teach, respectively. I am currently studying pelvic floor health and completing the necessary study to certify as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. I opened a studio called Bridge Yoga for private and small group yoga, and I work as an outdoor educator for Texas Wildlife Association. When not doing yoga, or working, I spend time with my family.