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Winning at Beginning Yoga

Winning at Beginning Yoga Going to your very first yoga class might be scary. We yoga people know that, because most of us were a little spooked walking into our first class. So, from someone who’s been there, done that, and ended up opening a yoga studio, how about a little primer for a successful […]

Eat Your Popcorn

Eat Your Popcorn Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in someone else’s drama? Ever allowed their problems to affect you so much that you end up carrying their issues in YOUR tissues? Yeah, me too. A friend tells you about an emotionally-charged problem she’s having, and you get upset about it. Family members get into […]

5 Reasons to Get a Massage

5 Reasons To Get a Massage Upon hearing the word massage, many people immediately think of going to a spa and spending some quality “me-time.” Sure, massage can help put your mind and body at ease. But the benefits of massage extend beyond providing a wonderful feeling of comfort and relaxation. The manipulation of soft […]

Say No to Suffering

Say No to Suffering Sometimes life feels like a storm. Dark clouds of change appear to threaten serious, lasting devastation. When the storm is real and significant, how do you avoid getting stuck in the debris? How can you accept the pain of what’s happening, resist the urge to stay there, and make your way […]

Chill Behind the Wheel

Chill Behind the Wheel It’s been a good day. The Significant Other has been attentive; the 2.5 children, well behaved; the well-groomed pooch, affectionate. Peacefully energized after your yoga class, you hop into the driver’s seat, crank up the stereo, pop your shades on, and head for the open road. But as you put the […]

Aversion to Fitness Isn’t Funny

Aversion to Fitness Isn’t Funny Our society’s aversion to fitness isn’t funny anymore. Too many people are riding those “jokes” straight into to a nursing home. Recently, I joined area vendors at a local municipality’s health fair. The governing entity which sponsored the event gave employees time off to attend. Vendors displayed nutritional items, fitness […]

Does Your To-Do List Include YOU?

It seems our To-Do list takes care of everything and everybody but ourselves, and that’s not healthy. Have you done something nice for yourself today? How about yesterday? During the past week? Too many of us could answer those questions with a resounding, “No.” It seems our To-Do list takes care of everything and everybody but ourselves, and that’s not healthy. We […]

Yoga Helpful for Diabetes

Yoga helpful for treatment of diabetes The American Diabetes Association published a 2011 study showing yoga helpful for diabetes (type 2). The study concluded that yoga can be used as an effective therapy in reducing oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes and that yoga in addition to standard care helps reduce BMI and improve glycemic control in […]